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Alabama vs Georgia score, TV channel, how to watch live stream

Alabama vs Georgia score, TV channel, how to watch live stream. It’s the untouchable wolf and let me know right now. I mean right now who will win the national championship that’s from talking about let’s go let me know in the Comment section down below all you have to do all you have to do is type in Alabama or Georgia .

Alabama vs Georgia, College football National championship 2018
College football National championship 2018
Team: Alabama vs Georgia
Monday, Jan. 8 , Jan, 2018

Game time: 8 p.m. ET

Where: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, Georgia

Where to watch: ESPN, Stream live on the WatchESPN app

How to listen: ESPN Radio (Channel 80 on SiriusXM)

 I will everyone though my pick in just a few but first let me give you some steps first we have Georgia and they defeated Oklahoma in a classic Rose Bowl game. Fifty four to forty eight in double overtime the Bulldogs are led by Frenchman quarterback Jake. Who had 210 yards passing in two TDs in the Rose Bowl From me knows how to make the clutch throws and Nick chip and Sonny Michelle are outstanding running backs.

They combined for three hundred twenty six rushing yards and six total touchdowns to help Georgia reach the national championships. They also became the top running back duo in college football history but they kept behind 8,000 194 rushing yards in their career. so they definitely know how to run a very dangerous Georgia has gear receivers to with Williams. leading the way so Georgia softens definitely knows how to play they’re dangerous and electric it can make the big plays and don’t forget about the Bulldogs defense led by all-american line backer .

ROC Juan Smith who plays tough and determined they have the sixth best defense in the country. They just fight and have so much passion just as Baker Mayfield and the Oklahoma Sooners next .we have Alabama who is led by Alabama has a good group of receivers who have really helped leading the way .when it comes to Alabama you already know it’s all about their defense they’re led by defensive lineman the Ron Payne who had an collective unit they’re determined and can run you’re right out of the building just ask that Clemson Tigers Nick Saban will have the Alabama Crimson Tide ready to play so when they comes to this epic matchup between Alabama  and Georgia.

The wolf picks the Georgia Bulldogs I said I’m talking about let’s go Georgia defeated Oklahoma in a classic game. They know how to come up in the clutch and will not give up they have the will and power to defeat Alabama  has an outstanding defense. sunny Michele Nick Chubb from and the Georgia defens  will be too much for Alabama Georgia Bulldogs will give Alabama a true beat down in an awakening. Become college football national champions let’s go to let the wolf know your thoughts in the comment section down . if you do enjoy this Artical please click on the bookmark button and subscribe to if you it really does mean a lot so thanks for watching and take care and more  articalcoming soon and enjoy the national championship game let’s go later this.